Five Business Services

Personnel agency
HR archives administration
Graduates reception
Overseas students' reception
Social insurance payment
Residence booklet management
Wages paying-off
Title appraisal and initial recognition
Migrant Party members' management
In-service human resources introduction
Human resources outsourcing
Consultation management
Personnel business agency
Recruitment outsourcing
Human resources assessment
Human resources dispatch
Talents hunting and recruitment
Head hunting
High-end talent exhibition
Entrusted recruitment
Group recruitment
Onsite recruitment
Online recruitment
Human resources training
Occupational skills training
Graduates employment training
Educational qualifications training
Special professional training
Employment guidance
Career planning
Talent credit information
Diploma verification
Degree verification
Identity card verification

Three categories of government-commissioned businesses

Government specially-commissioned business
Shenzhen Municipal Youngsters Internship Base
English training for Universiade
Graduates' employment service week
Personnel files management business
Group residence booklet management
Collective household handling
Handling of the reception formalities of the current year's graduates
The current year's unemployed graduates' service
International, national and high-standard government recruitment
Shenzhen Municipal Graduates Two-way Selection Conference
China International High-tech Intelligent Conference
Cultural Industry Talent Exchange Conference
China International Talent Exchange Conference
Shenzhen Municipal Talent Internet Recruitment Conference
Shenzhen Municipal "Breeze Action" Recruitment
Shenzhen Municipal Colleges Recruitment
Shenzhen Municipal Group to-the-Mainland Recruitment